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Ash Chandler is a multitalented performer. His journey as a performer is truly remarkable.  A journey that has taken him across four continents and thousands of performances. He is not only India’s first English language standup comedian but also a singer, actor and a composer - in short a complete entertainer. His sold out performances at the Comedy Store Mumbai, including "Ash, and you shall receive" will soon be on tour in a city near you. He is the lead is hit plays like "He says She says" and "The Scent of a Man". This multitalented artiste is also multi- lingual and a prolific Dialectician. An accomplished singer Ash has released a top selling Hindi Pop Album, titled Husn, with Magnasound. He performs in a variety of styles including Jazz, Pop, R&B and Rock. He has put together a talented ensemble of Musicians to form, The Ash Trays, a truly versatile Band.  In India, Ash is seen in movies like Guzaarish,  Shikhar, Mixed Doubles and My Bollywood Bride. He recently received rave reviews for his performance in Love Wrinkle Free, his first Lead in a Feature film. On television, Ash was the popular host of The Man's World Show - an award winning show on AXN.Ash Chandler engages his immense talent to regale audiences with his exclusive performance which features Stand -up routines interspersed with impressions and a mélange of popular song renditions.  His vocal talents range a host of genres - popular standards, Motown, Jazz, Blues and Rock.  His renditions of Louis Armstrong and Sting have been appreciated by audiences across the world.With his unique ability to customize entertainment by tapping into his large talent pool and a show which is clean, relevant, clever and topical Ash Chandler lends distinct quality and exclusiveness to an event.